Family law

Family law

What is family law?

Family law is a sub-branch of civil law, which includes various property and non-property relationships of natural persons that arise on the basis of marriage, cohabitation without marriage, partnership, adoption, custody and care, child maintenance and education. Norms of family law do not regulate all family relationships, but only some of the most important areas of relationships related to property issues and those relationships in which at least one of the subjects of the relationship is a child or a socially vulnerable adult. Family law does not regulate how many children spouses or unmarried persons can have, how household responsibilities should be distributed, but family law regulates marriage, cohabitation without marriage, legal consequences of termination of marriage or cohabitation without marriage, contractual family relationships (marriage contract), children issues of guardianship, communication with children and their support, adoption, parentage. According to some authors (C.Schneider), family law is absurd, because family life is chaos, and chaos cannot be regulated. People live according to their minds, interests, traditions, not according to the law.

Family legal relations are regulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the Civil Code and other laws, as well as international treaties of the Republic of Lithuania.

The lawyers of PAKĕNAS AND PARTNERIAI law firm have accumulated vast experience in solving the most complex family law problems, and specialize in examining disputes regulated by family law according to the following family law institutes:
– marriage and cohabitation without marriage

– marriage contracts
– in the relationship between children and parents
– parentage

– Divorce by mutual consent
– Divorce due to the fault of the spouse
– Divorce when one spouse is abroad
– Determining the child’s place of residence
– Maintenance award
– Establishing the order of communication with the child
– Establishing the order of communication with the child when one of the parents lives abroad
– Family mediation
– Division of property while living without marriage
– Disputes about children while living without marriage
– Marriage contract (establishment of property regime and division of property)
– Marriage contract (determination of property regime)
– Paternity determination
– Disputing paternity

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