Dispute resolution (litigation)

Dispute resolution (litigation)

The lawyers of our firm specialize in the resolution of legal disputes in the courts and arbitrations of the Republic of Lithuania. The firm’s lawyers have accumulated many years of experience in resolving business and family law disputes. The firm’s lawyers have participated in over 1,000 business dispute cases and over 100 family law cases. Every year, each of the lawyers takes part in the examination of 50 to 100 new business disputes and 5 to 10 new family cases.

We represent you in civil and administrative cases in courts of first instance and appeals. We provide consultations on the dispute and the prospects for its outcome, in each case we offer you a peaceful way of resolving the dispute and, upon agreement between the parties, we implement it in the most economical and efficient way for you.

If we fail to reach an amicable agreement, we prepare the party’s position in court, form a strategy for the dispute and choose the tactics of conducting the case, we constantly provide the client with information about the progress of the case.

We represent you in the process of handling the dispute from the first consultation to the entry into force of the final court or arbitration decision, as well as in the process of executing the decision.

We have a lot of experience in this field, especially in disputes over:

• mutual debts for goods and/or services between business entities,
• territories, premises with co-owners,
• divorce,
• awarding a debt based on promissory notes with defects,
• dispute (invalidation) of bills of exchange,
• purchase and sale of shares,
• awarding insurance benefits,
• health injury at work, traffic accidents,
• due to freight charges and damage caused to the cargo between customers and carriers,
• construction contract relations.

Our distinguishing feature is to seek to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently by all legal means before the trial, and failing that, during the trial.

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